Soft Webbing Slings

Soft Webbing Slings
Soft Webbing Slings
Soft Webbing Slings

Round slings are easy to use, efficient in operation and gentle on surface contact. All-round slings are colour-coded to give easy identification of the safe working load. They come with a label giving length and tonnage. The round sling inner core is made from high tensile polyester fibre which is wound continuously without a join to provide the maximum possible strength. This core is protected by a tough woven tubular sleeve also made from polyester without side stitch. It serves to protect both the inner core fo the sling and the surface of the product when it is lifting.

It is made by high-quality synthetic fibre and high tensile polyester.
The working load can be distinguished easily by the colour.
It is colour coded according to DIN-EN 1492-2, also it has capacity stripes on the sling (each stripe is equal to 1ton
Safety factor: 4: 1, 5: 1,6: 1,7: 1,8: 1 is available
Material: sleeve: 100% high tensile polyester(PES)
Filling: 100% high-quality synthetic fibre

Do not exceed the working load limit
Prevent shock-loading
-Where selecting a sling it is very important to consider the angles at which the sling will be used.
Slings are subject to cutting when lifting items with sharp edges. In this case, always use wear sleeves.
Do not use a damaged sling
Never make knots in a sling.
Never drag a sling from underneath a load that is resting on it.
Chemical active environments can affect the strength of slings.
Inspect slings weekly or more frequently depending on sling use.
Always store slings in a cool dry and dark place when they are not in use for prolonged periods
Always read and understand the operating instruction before use.

Physical information chart

Elongation at breaking forceCa.12%
Elongation at WLLCa.3%
Elongation-resistance in wet condition100%
Compared wear-resistance80
Specific weight1.38