Dual Magnetic Circuit Magnetic Lifter

Double Magnetic Circuit Magnetic Lifter
Magnetic Circuit Magnetic Lifter

Dual Magnetic Circuit Magnetic Lifter is composed of strong magnetic neodymium iron boron that generates strong magnetism, and the magnetic circuit system is controlled by the handle to achieve the function of suction and unwinding.

The product has the characteristics of strong suction, less residual magnetism, lightweight, and reasonable structure. Especially the resistance of the handle is 30%-40% of the single magnetic permanent magnet lifter, and the application range is much wider. It can lift the 5mm~10mm steel plates, which effectively solves the problem of low efficiency of single magnetic circuit permanent magnet lifting thin plate.

The main purpose and characteristics of the dual magnetic circuit permanent magnet lifter are mainly used for the suction connection with the workpiece to be lifted during the lifting process and are mainly used to move the thin steel plate workpiece.

Thin plate dual magnetic circuit permanent magnet lifter is easy to operate, safe and reliable, compact, and lightweight. Widely used in factories, docks, warehouses, transportation industries. It can improve the working conditions of loading and unloading operations and improve work efficiency.

Features of Dual-Magnetic Circuit Magnetic Lifter

  1. Strong attraction, no residual magnetism, lighter weight, safe and reliable, easy to operate.
  2. Maintain constant and reliable magnetism, no demagnetization, can work without electricity.
  3. The Damping Force is just 30% – 40% of single Magnetic Circuits Liter, with a wider range of applications
  4. A “V” style design at the bottom of the lifter, can lift both round steel and steel plate.
  5. More suitable for thin thickness ferrous magnetic material, even for 5mm – 10mm thickness steel plate.
  6. It can be used single or combined with other machines to move long and big ferrous magnetic material.

TypeLifting Capacity(kg)Max Break-away Force(kg)LWHNet Weight(kg)