Cargo Lashing

Cargo Lashing
Cargo Lashing
cargo lashing

.According to EN12195-2:2000

-Min. Breaking Strength(M.B.S) stripes each stripe is equal to 1 tonne M.B.S.

Each set is packed in plastic with CE declaration of conformity other packing is available at order’s request.

The cargo lashing is not designed for overhand lifting or towing.

More than standard length is available at the order’s request.

Different end lifting is available at different costs.


Always protect the webbing from hot surfaces, sharp edges, and acids.

Do not use if the webbing is tom of frayed or if the hardware is damaged

Observe the working load limit (WLL) as started to determine the number of strap assemblies required for safe

operation. Remember all assemblies are only as strong as the weakest link including point of attachment.

Spare ratchet and end fittings for cargo lashing is available with extra cost.