Electromagnetic Lifter

magnet crane

Suitable for transferring cast ingots, steel balls, and various kinds of scrapped steels.
Its excitation modes include constant voltage mode, strong excitation mode, and overexcitation mode.
We can customize electromagnetic lifters for excavator and forklift according to customer’s special requirements.

Electromagnet Lifter’s Application:

  1. Used for transporting steel and other magnetic materials in metallurgy, mining, casting, machinery, transportation, and other industries.
  2. Used for the electromagnetic manipulator, clamping steel, and other magnetic materials.

Electromagnet Lifter Features:

  1. Adopt a fully sealed welding structure, good moisture resistance.
  2. Reasonable magnetic circuit design, high-quality low-carbon steel plate, high-quality mica with excellent thermal conductivity and heat resistance, improve the hot working efficiency of lifting electromagnet.
  3. The excitation coil has been optimized and specially processed to improve the electrical and mechanical performance of the coil.
  4. The rated energization continuity rate of the ordinary crane electromagnet reaches 60%, which improves the use efficiency of the lifting electromagnet.
  5. The high-temperature type lifting electromagnet adopts a unique heat insulation method, which raises the temperature of the sucked substance to 700 ℃, expanding the scope of application of the lifting electromagnet.

Selection notes:

  1. When the temperature of suction material is lower than 100℃, please choose a normal temperature type lifting electromagnet. When it exceeds 100℃, please choose a high-temperature lifting electromagnet.
  2. When the energization continuity rate exceeds 60%, please select the high-frequency type.
  3. When absorbing materials in water, please choose the diving type (dive depth ≤100m). The parameters of diving type lifting electromagnet are the same as those of normal temperature types. If the user needs a diving type lifting electromagnet, please specify when ordering.
  4. Ambient temperature: normal temperature type -20℃-40℃, high-temperature type-20℃-80℃. The altitude does not exceed 2500 meters, and the air humidity does not exceed 85%.
  5. Equipment matching: when a single unit is used, please select rectification control equipment and auxiliary equipment according to power consumption (current): when multiple units are used in combination, select according to the sum of power consumption (current) of the number of units used.

Overall Dimension(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)Lifting Capacity(kg)(kg)(kg)(kg)
ModelCold-state Power(KW)Curret(A)ABCDEWeight(kg)Steel IngotSteel BallCast Iron IngotScraps