Principle and Drawing of Electromagnetic Lifting Magnet

The principle of the electromagnetic lifting magnet: the electromagnetic lifter is a kind of electromagnetic principle. Zhi generates magnetic force by energizing the internal coil. After passing through the magnetic surface dao board, the workpiece that contacts the surface of the panel is tightly sucked, and the coil is powered off. , The magnetic force disappears to achieve demagnetization, and a machine tool accessory product produced by removing the principle of the workpiece.

Electromagnetic lifteing magnet are mainly used to fix workpieces during the processing of iron workpieces such as grinders, FYMC series electromagnetic sharpeners, gantry milling machines, and gantry planers.

Drawing of Electromagnetic Lifting Magnet:

Characteristics of electromagnetic Lifting Magnet:

  1. Lifter force: The electric control powerful lifter has a super strong holding force, up to 16kg/cm², and the magnetic force distribution is uniform and adjustable. It can be applied to all kinds of powerful machining, roughing, and finishing; ordinary strong lifter has weak suction And uneven distribution, can not withstand the requirements of powerful machining operations.
  2. Machining accuracy: The electric control of a powerful lifter holding force does not need to be maintained by connecting the power supply. The continuous operation does not generate heat to avoid the heat deformation of the workpiece. At the same time, the strong and uniform disk suction force ensures the highest processing accuracy even if the workpiece exceeds the table.
    The magnetic force of the ordinary electromagnetic lifter requires a continuous supply of current, and heat is generated during a period of operation. Not only is the workpiece deformed by heat, but also the magnetic force of the chuck is reduced, and the processing accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Use performance: The electric control powerful suction cup can be used continuously, even if it works continuously for more than 20 hours a day, there will be no failure, and no maintenance is required; ordinary lifter permanent magnet will have a suction drop after about six months of use The phenomenon of using electromagnetic lifter can only work for a few hours a day, and the equipment is prone to work, which requires frequent replacement and maintenance of internal components.
  4. Operation efficiency: The use of ordinary powerful lifter requires a large amount of workpiece adjustment time, which can account for 40%-50% of the entire process, and the clamping positioning is prone to obvious errors, high scrap rate, and very low efficiency; electronically controlled powerful lifter With the automatic auxiliary positioning function, simply press a button, and the workpiece can be clamped or released in 0.3 seconds, which can greatly improve production efficiency.