Matters Needing Attention in the Purchase of lifting magnets for cranes

1. The most important thing for the lifting magnets for cranes is to look at the parameters it has. Among the performance parameters of the lifting magnets for cranes, the most important thing is to count the weight and its working level. The so-called lifting capacity of the electromagnetic chuck refers to the maximum weight allowed to lift heavy objects under the specified working conditions, or in other words, the rated lifting capacity. Generally, the lifting weight of a crane with an electromagnetic chuck should also include the weight of the electromagnetic chuck.
2. See if the classification and level are strictly divided.
3. See if you can provide maintenance services. (Many companies do not have real production capacity, but transfer goods from other agents, which ultimately results in inadequate maintenance services.) The use of ordinary powerful suction cups requires a large amount of workpiece adjustment time, which can account for 40%-50 of the entire processing process %, and the clamping positioning is prone to obvious errors, the scrap rate is high, and the efficiency is very low; the electronically controlled powerful suction cup has an automatic auxiliary positioning function. Simply press a button, and the workpiece is clamped or released in 0.3 seconds. Greatly improve production efficiency.