How to use Magnet Lifting

The permanent magnet jack crane is simply the way that the strong magnet attracts heavy objects to carry out the lifting operation, what kind of jack is equipped with what kind of lifting tool, if it is an iron crane, then use this permanent magnet The jack is very convenient. As a newcomer to you, this permanent magnet jack crane needs precise control of its use. Let the technician briefly describe the specific way of use for you.    
First of all, when the permanent magnet jack crane is lifting the iron, the surface of the lifting tool should be clean and tidy, and there should be no debris on the surface of the object, which will affect the suction force of the magnet.    
Secondly, the center line of the permanent magnet jack crane should coincide with the center line of the heavy objects. It is necessary to prevent the adjustment of the positive and negative levels of the jack by rotating the handle on the working plane. Remember to check whether the handle is automatically locked. Happening. The permanent magnet jack has its rated load, so don’t overload it.    
The temperature of the item should be appropriate again, otherwise it will affect the use of the magnetic field, greatly reducing the magnetic force of the permanent magnet jack crane, so as not to cause the item to fall off.    
Finally, after the lifting is completed, the handle should be pressed inwards to ensure that the security parts on the handle are separated from the security pins.    
Unlike other jacks, permanent magnet jacks do not require manual or manual shaking. After manual installation, they can be lifted independently. This kind of equipment used on iron is small in size and easy to carry. It is an essential tool for lifting iron items, so it must be used professionally, and the details of the lifting process cannot be ignored.